Welcome! My name is Julie. I’m the founder of the Confidence Cure, as well as a licensed professional counselor. During my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve learned that two crucial components to a successful business are the right mindset and an abundance of self-confidence.

My proven techniques will show women how to change their mindset and self-talk so they can reach their true potential and build a successful business.

I work tirelessly with my coaching clients to help them re-frame their thinking and take their business to the next level. I would love to chat about how I can help you, too!

“Empowerment is a pretty big word, and even bigger feeling to be able to teach someone, however Julie has managed in the past year and a half to go above and beyond her roll as my coach and guided me past fears, self doubt an various other hurdles, into a strong, confident and unstoppable entrepreneur. One that can successfully work at my own pace and time, and now from anywhere!! She has helped me build my business so that I may empower other women to success as well! Thank you Julie!”

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“Julie has made a tremendous impact in my life as an entrepreneur. Through her trainings, I’ve become a more competent, effective and confident business owner. Julie will definitely give you the tools necessary in order to be successful in any business.”


“Julie Reynolds has been so influential in my career, and is a true coach. She is consistently available, offering advice, driving women forward, holding them accountable. She really knows how to inspire you and empower you to be the best you can be. I’m so happy to have met her and strive to be as respected as her…”



I am looking forward to communicate with you. Please, let me know, how I can help you. Best regards, Julie Reynolds


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