4 Magic Words Every Network Marketer Should Be Using


4 Magic Words Every Network Marketer Should Be Using


Hey Everyone! 


We are closing out the summer and let me tell you; I have had a crazy summer, to say the least! All good, though. My summer was successful in having quality time with my family while watching my business grow. I love that word “success” because it makes me feel great when I think about when I started in my business compared to where I am today.



Have you ever heard of an “accidental leader?” Well, that was me a hot six years ago. I managed to hit the top ranks just four months after entering network marketing. It just blew my mind at how fast things took off, yet I had no idea what the heck I was doing. Seriously!


Once I realized I was blindly climbing closer to my goals, I figured I had better build a good knowledge-base under my feet that will help me grow as an “accidental leader.” I nose-dived into learning everything I could about network marketing. 


I wanted to make my team successful!


I was craving understanding on how to be successful and how I can help others to achieve that same success. There’s something pretty darn amazing that touches your soul when you help people to reach for the stars. When they grab one of those stars, you celebrate right there along with them!


During my journey to educate myself on network marketing, I discovered that there are a LOT of people out there that teach/coach people like me about all of the moving parts behind a network marketer. These teachers/coaches show newbies to network marketing the numerous strategies behind being successful in the industry.


There’s Psychology Behind the “Salesology” KOWABUNGA…That’s it!


To really get what drives people to buy in, you have to understand the buying behavior of your target audience. Hey, that’s right up my alley because I am a licensed counselor! I have the best of both worlds that I combine to artfully craft my business strategies.


Just a Simple “Would it be okay…” GOES A LONG WAY!!!


What’s my recipe for my success? It’s very simple thanks to “Big Al” who inspires so many network marketers. There are four basic words to use to connect to prospects. “Would it be okay…” That’s it!


Would it be okayif I showed you what I’m doing so I can stay home with my kids?”


Would it be okayif I showed you how you could lose weight without dieting?” 

(who can say no to this?)


Would it be okay...if I showed you how to supplement your income?”


Would it be okayif I showed you how you could fire your boss?”

 (this really gets the cat curious!)


By opening your question up with “would it be okay,” you step over the guard that people put up. The ball’s in their court with their answer, and this helps them to feel in control.


The person won’t feel like you have just slimed them with icky salesyness.


So if they say no to you, just respond with “I understand” and move on with your conversation. By using this strategy, you remove any emotional attachment to the outcome. Additionally, you are setting them up to say yes (maybe not now,) but on down the road. 


There you have it, folks! Get yourself in the habit of starting out with those four magic words, “Would it be okay…” I know you are going to start hitting it out of the park when you do!



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