DOUBLING DOWN…Get Organized While Building Your Business


DOUBLING DOWN…Get Organized While Building Your Business

I am FIRED up and ready to share with you how to get your business to soar!


As some of you may have heard, I refer to myself as an “accidental leader.” Back when I was just starting out, I hit the top ranks of my company only FOUR months after joining. I had no clue what I was doing hence “accidental leader!”


Flying by the seat of my pants, I didn’t have any systems in place, 

but somehow I was finding success.


Organization wasn’t my best friend, and there were things I should have been doing daily to stay on task. It’s kind of like a highway with heavy traffic. When a few cars slow down or stop, it causes everything to come to a complete stop!


Well, the same goes when running a business. You have to be organized and complete a daily checklist to keep your business moving forward. If you don’t, certain areas of your business slow down or fail to function, causing everything to clog up. A “clog up” can be fatal to a business, so trust me, you have to implement daily organization into your business routine.


How do I ORGANIZE & BUILD my business at the same time?

I want to share with you THREE things I use that are phenomenal in keeping me on task. 

#1: Trello App

I downloaded this app for free and have my network marketing organized in this platform. All I have to do is set a “follow up,” and it dings me to remind me. Trello is super easy to use and customizable. You can work with your team members through Trello with the capability of monitoring progress within your business.

Trello has several components:

  • Boards 

A board is a project. Here you can plan things such as goals, collaborations, etc.

  • Lists

A list is where you create a workflow that you can track from start to finish.  Here I create my customer list. I continually add to this list to build it.

  • Cards

A card is a task that you create. I look over my lists and take things a step further by going to Facebook pages of people on my list and drop them a comment or message asking how they are doing. This builds and fosters my relationship with them. This is a BIG plus for me because I get a lot of new recruits by doing this.

#2: Tap Into Social Media

I leverage Facebook to connect with people and find prospects. 

Facebook has the remarkable capability of letting me organize a list from my news feed. Anytime someone drops me a comment; their name goes into my news feed. I incorporate this list information into my Trello list where I keep names of those I have contacted etc. all in one place. 

Once I have them in a list on Trello and Facebook, I make it a priority to connect with them with a comment or message. I believe in showing lots of genuine love and making them feel valued. Being authentic and intentional is what it’s all about. 

How to Create a Facebook List

  1. Go to your News Feed. Click on the “Explore” to the left.
  2. Click on “Friends Lists.” 
  3. Click on “Create List.” 
  4. Click “Create.”

#3: Use a Daily Goal Worksheet

I could not stay organized if it weren’t for my Daily Goal Worksheet. This worksheet tells me what I need to be doing each day. I have a social media checklist that I go through and do every day. My worksheet also includes activities for me to accomplish daily to keep my online presence growing. Because I build my business through social media, my daily worksheet is an essential tool for me. 

I build my business on the go!


I am constantly running here and there because of being a busy mom. I don’t rely on a notebook planner that is clunky and has to be lugged around. I use my phone for everything business-related and personal. I keep my business running and growing through my Trello app, Daily Goal Worksheet, and social media. It’s that simple!


If you are like I was, “flying by the seat of your pants,” try these tips on getting yourself organized. Trust me; you will see a BIG difference.


Make sure that you have the right mindset. By doing this, you are ready to fly! To help you, we are going to do a 30-day Gratitude Mindset with a giveaway!


Have a super week, everyone!!!




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Posted by Julie Binder Reynolds on Monday, September 9, 2019


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