FIVE Fingers – FIVE Tips!


FIVE Fingers – FIVE Tips!

Five Tips to Hit the Top-Ranks of Your Company


Hey, hey everyone!!! 


September has rolled right on in, and summer is now behind us once again. Along with summer, we put the “sleepy” months of marketing to bed for the year. In our industry, there are three slow months a year known as the “J” months (January, June, July.) However, my team crushed it all through June, July, AND August! High-five everyone!


So…is the “J” month just someone’s theory because most people are vacationing during those months? I don’t know about you, but we debunked the myth that “J” months are the almighty dreaded time of the year for network marketers.


How did I manage to hit the top ranks during these months?


Simple! I have five tips to share with you on how I hit the top ranks of my business and how you can do the same. 


Remember…FIVE FINGERS, FIVE tips! 

Visualize each tip on a specific finger of your hand. 

This will help you to recall these tips when you need them.


Tip #1 – your FIRST (index) finger

Having strong leadership is one of the FIRST things you should do.


Ensure that you have someone to lead and guide you in network marketing. This is one of the most important things to do when you are FIRST starting out with your business.


When I first started my business, I didn’t know what I was doing. It was like a whole new language I didn’t understand!


Find someone that can help lead you towards your success. If you need help or guidance in finding leadership for your business, let me know. I do a lot of training in this area! I have leaders on my team and leaders above me that have been a tremendous help!


Tip #2 – your MIDDLE finger 

Your middle finger is the longest. Branding yourself is something that should continue throughout the life of your business.


Brand yourself and not your business through “attraction marketing.”


If you look at my profile, you don’t see anything about my business but rather me. I market ME. I teach my team to always provide value first with themselves. By doing this, our sales went through the roof! This keeps you from becoming a “spamazoid.” 


If you are pushing your business/product first, it will fail because you are not providing value (you.) 


A good example is someone that sells mascara. They put the product out there, and that’s it. Of course, it’s not going to sell! They need to provide value by giving tips on how to apply the mascara. Value causes people to develop a connection with you.


Tip #3 – your “Ring” finger

The association with your ring finger is of course, a ring! The ring is an infinite circle. Your tenacity and consistency should be never-ending.


Don’t give up by hitting the restart button over and over. Be tenacious and be consistent.


Tip #4 – your “pinky” (little) finger

Your pinky finger is the littlest one on your hand. Automating your business frees you up requiring very little hands-on in the process.


Have systems in place to automate.


  • Bots

I don’t know about you guys, but my time is precious, and I don’t want to be glued to my phone 24/7 helping both customers and my team members. There is only one “me,” and I can’t possibly do it all, so that’s where automation comes in. I set up a bot for new members that join my team. The bot drips a 14-day plan to them on getting their business up and going. 


  • 3D Launch Formula – It’s Dummy Proof!
    • For Customers – provides help with products
    • For New Team Members – an outline guides them through every step towards success.


Tip #5 – your thumb

A “thumbs up” indicates “all is good to go.” 


Make sure that you have the right mindset. By doing this, you are ready to fly! To help you, we are going to do a 30-day Gratitude Mindset with a giveaway!


Crush your goals with these five tips on how to hit the top-ranks of your company. Check out my latest “Monday Mindset” video below.



I use these five tips in my business, and I hit the top-ranks of my team all within one year! I promise you that if you use these tips as a starting point for your business, you will be successful!


Have a super week ahead! – Julie

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