How to CRUSH Closing!

How to CRUSH Closing!

The simplicity behind leading people to a decision in network marketing.


We are down to one week before Christmas, and the rush is on to finish our shopping. Are you one that struggles in finding someone the perfect gift? Deciding on the ultimate thing to purchase is tough, especially if you have no plan in place before hitting the stores.


Getting a prospect in network marketing to decide on a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to your presentation or pitch is similar to shopping! If you don’t have a plan, you won’t achieve success in your conversion rates, and rejections will bombard you.

So, how DO you get people to decide? 


This is so simple, and many network marketers totally miss this. We are all busy constructing and devising complicated and extravagant strategies on closing that we fail to see the answer staring us in the face.

I have simple secrets with you. Are you ready?

Secret #1: Simply be yourself! 


This is a BIG one, folks! Many network marketers try to imitate other high-profile marketers. Guess what? People are going to see right through your false impersonation and go elsewhere. 


People want genuine, personable, and real in all forms of relationships. When you develop a relationship with a prospect, let them get to like-know-trust the real you. Show them who you are and make yourself vulnerable, so they see past your pitch, presentation, strategies, etc. This fosters a connection between you and that person and builds trust.


Share your personal struggles and stories with people. If someone has a problem, help them with the solution by sharing something about how you overcame something. 




  • Your product: Coaching Network Marketers How to Set Up a Funnel


  • Your story: “I started a previous business several years ago, and within a year, it had bombed. Sales were not coming in. I was pounding the concrete day in and day out prospecting. Doing so had taken away so much valuable family time. Many evenings and nights, I sat at my computer saturating prospects with emails and letters. My days were filled with call after call attempting to get leads and business. The day finally arrived, and I said enough is enough, and I was done. I was so burned out. After shutting that business down, a friend of mine told me about how she used funnels in her business. The funnels did 99% of the work that I had physically done with belly-to-belly. If only I had known about this sooner! Starting a new business, I built funnels that brought business in for me, and before I knew it, my sales were through the roof. I have hit the top ranks of my business since! Would it be okay if I shared with you how you, too, can learn how to set up and use funnels?”

Secret #2: Have the right mindset.


When you are passionate about your product and your business, it’s going to shine through, and people are going to see this. Passion, confidence, and drive are the main components of a business that skyrockets. If you don’t have these, you are going to fail miserably. Who wants to purchase something from an entrepreneur who is a striking imitation of Eeyore? You have to be spunky, excited, and be the best cheerleader there ever was for your business and your product. No one else is going to do it for you.

Secret #3: Let testimonials and other third-parties speak for you!


People place value on the opinions of others when it comes to products and services. It is similar to “reviews.” In the network marketing industry, these opinions/reviews are testimonials, uplines, and downlines.


You can “preach” (sell) to someone until the cows come home, but to get those cows back quicker, use a few other ‘voices’ to call them home! Now, are you getting the picture?

Secret #4: Approach people the way you would want to be approached.


Have you ever encountered a salesperson that talks the entire time, and they just never shut up? They have diarrhea of the mouth, and you just want to scream! If that weren’t bad enough, they just wouldn’t leave you alone. 


Well, when it comes to network marketing, LESS is MORE! Less talking, more listening!


Asking your prospect questions instead of non-stop talking allows them to have a sense of control over the conversation. Remember, it’s not about you, but them. 

Secret #5: Be positive in the questions you ask.


Ask questions that generate a positive answer. 


Say you have a video for them to watch. Afterward, you will ask them a question that helps you to gauge what their impression was, but you also want to put them into a specific mindset. You are basically preparing them to say ‘yes.’


Don’t ask:What did you think of the video?

  • This opens up the possibility of a bombardment of negative answers and causes them to choose what mindset they will have.


Instead, ask: “How awesome was that video?

  • You set them up for immediate positivity. It puts them into the certain mindset you are aiming for.


So, now you have my tips for closing in a nutshell! 


If you adopt these “secrets” into your closing technique, I guarantee you that you will have amazing results!


Be you be true, and it will see you through!


Listen, I want each of you to have a Happy Holiday and enjoy yourselves as we welcome Christmas!





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