Move Over Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Move Over Black Friday & Cyber Monday

How YOU can position your business for a spike in sales!


Don’t you just love November? It’s the month that rolls out the red carpet for the holiday season. People begin to get into the Christmas spirit and start planning activities and events. Minds begin to churn over ideas of what the perfect gift is to get loved ones and friends for Christmas. You know what this means, right? 


The shopping lists become live and hot! 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is approaching 

and those bad boys of holiday shopping is a frenzy that millions of people partake in!

So, how does this apply to your business? 

Are you anticipating that the months of November and December will be lower in sales because people are honing in on box stores and online retailers for gifts?


Well, let me tell you…

people are primed and ready to open their wallets as Black Friday comes over the horizon. 

Are YOU ready?


And by the way, get the nagging negative Nancy voice out of your head telling you that no one will buy your product during the holidays.


Last year, my team pulled in a whopping $30,000 in sales in a 24-hour period. Heck, my housekeeper bought $600 alone just from me!

How did we do it?

Let’s look at consumer buying behavior for November and December. In the first three weeks of November, consumers are putting money back and positioning themselves to pounce on sales. 


Black Friday is the mack-daddy of sales that consumers look forward to each year. 


Why? Because the sales are cut-rate! Also,  obtaining a good buy is a significant factor that drives Black Friday crowds. They advance into action like piranha on fresh chicken.


Seriously, don’t you enjoy the rush of excitement looking at the impending sales ads as you plan your attack strategy to get those items? Think about it now, what if you planned a sale of your product and make it so attractive that those same people will jump to buy from YOU? It can be done, my friend.


There’s a specific strategy that will help you realize some hefty sales. The thing is NOT to be in a rush. Patience will be your best friend in this process.

Roll out your own red carpet for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!



  • Don’t wait to push sales until Black Friday! Do it now. 



  • If you get a response from someone that they are not interested in right now, etc., ask them, “Would it be okay if I added you to my Black Friday PRESALE list? We will be letting you know what the specials will be.


  • The reason you may get this kind of response is that consumers are waiting to take advantage of Black Friday sales. 


  • By you dangling “Presale” out there, it makes the invite sound exclusive, too good to turn down, and causes them to “position” themselves to buy from you.



  • Contact those who have shown the slightest interest in joining your team. 



  • They, too, will be in the mindset to “buy-in.” 


  • November and December are the best months for new recruits!


  • An offer for these people might look like: “Startup fee waived for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.”



  • Contact those who have shown interest in your product but never committed to buying. 



  • You will ask them, “Would it be okay if I added you to my Cyber Monday PRE-ORDER list? We will be letting you know what the specials will be.”


  • Have your pre-order Cyber Monday plan in place before you do this.



  • BIG BIG BIG…Follow up! This is where the fortune lies. 



So, are you ready to head into the holidays with a plan? 


Trust me; if you do, you will hit the ground running. 


The seeds you plant during these months will carry you through next year!


I want to hear all about your Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategies and how things go for you. 


Have an amazing week ahead!






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