The New Kid on the Block: TikTok

The New Kid on the Block: TikTok

Mastering a new social media platform!


When you think of social media, do you see dollar signs? 


If not, we need to get you in that mindset!


All you have to do is know how to leverage social media platforms to get your business off and going. Once you do, the money will begin to roll in. I know, because Facebook provided me with a six-figure income.

So, what is TikTok?


TikTok is an app designed for sharing short mobile videos. The beauty of this app is its simplicity to use. There’s no algorithms, no set-up, and it requires no skills. Basically, you download the app, shoot your short video, and you’re done! TikTok videos are 15-60 seconds, concise and to the point! The crisp capture of attention occurs in your video’s first few seconds. 


Today’s target audience doesn’t want to be over-indulged with content that’s been shoved in their faces on other platforms. 

They want it short and to the point.


ByteDance is the parent company of this app and is definitely giving Facebook and Instagram a lot of competition! These major social media platforms are making frenzied attempts to design something similar to TikTok. 


If you aren’t tapping into TikTok, it’s time to get with it folks because it’s a trending direction that we as network marketers need to keep up with.


TikTok was downloaded by 1.5 billion users in February alone!

(123.8 million were from the U.S.)


Reasons to Jump In NOW in marketing on TikTok


  1. Video marketing on TikTok massively engages users resulting in millions of hits.
  2. We have to adapt to trends to market to the lucrative market segments.
  3. Competitors out there are already jumping in and leveraging TikTok to engage users. 


As with any other social media platform, don’t get all spammy with your approach. Instead, provide value.


Tips for TikTok


  • On TikTok, because it’s a casual, silly, fun environment, make your videos entertaining. Get creative in how you will “sprinkle in” your product within the video. 
  • I would recommend posting on TikTok 1-3 times a day at most. 
  • Be sure to link your videos on TikTok to your other social media platforms so users can learn more about you and your business. 
  • Your branding (photo, colors, logo, etc.) should be consistent across every platform.
  • I personally don’t want my contact info like my cell number to be all over TikTok. If you are like me, what you can do is register for a free hidden Google number and use that as a way to contact you. 
  • Because the majority of TikTok users are younger, always put a disclaimer requiring that they be “18 or older.” You want to make sure that those people you are bringing in have a strong work ethic that will build up your company, not hinder it. 


Now you may be thinking, “I’m not good at doing videos of myself!” 


Well, I have a solution for that! Join my confidence building group where we all help one another to do those things we don’t think we can do. I also have a worksheet on how to be confident enough to overcome the fear of doing videos.


Lastly, don’t let new trends intimidate you. Embrace them, and if anything, look at these trends as new ways to get your business out there!


You got this! I have all the confidence in the world in YOU!



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