Ways to Beat Facebook Algorithms

Ways to Beat Facebook Algorithms

Why do we even need to worry about Facebook algorithms?


Facebook is shifting in its control over the content you post as a business owner. The days of posting images or videos with your product info are gone! Facebook is now prioritizing content to focus more on sparking conversations and meaningful engagement between people. You will now see more content posted by family and friends and a LOT less from businesses.


When you post a video, an image, or something business-related, people out there will most likely not see it. The metrics and strategy in place with Facebook has taken over the steering wheel and moving the Facebook platform back in the direction of a conversational platform where people can engage.

With this in mind, I have noticed that my Facebook algorithm took a HUGE plunge here lately. I want to share this information with you because I know this will have a major impact on how you maneuver social media.

So how do you beat the algorithm gatekeepers?

People on Facebook DO NOT want to be “sold to” or “spammed.”


Now that Facebook has the “gatekeepers” in place to control what does and does not make it as a post, we need to rethink our own strategy in ways to beat Facebook algorithms.

Facebook is controlling who will see your content. In a recent survey, they did with users; they determined that the sole reason people use Facebook is to talk to and interact with others. The furthest thing from their mind is being “sold to” or “spammed.” 

We have to now shift our approach to how WE create conversations with those on Facebook. It all comes down to having your content “liked” and “comments” posted.


Get Creative in HOW YOU WRITE Your Posts


You need to get the reader to STOP and READ your content! When Facebook users scroll past your content, a metric that tells Facebook to “ding” your post and place it out into orbit. No one will see it if this happens multiple times.


Example of a bad post vs. a good post (in accordance with the Facebook algorithm)


Product: Weight loss shake

Post Says: 

“Having my shake each morning has helped me fit into my skinny jeans.”

Why is this good?

  • You have provided a visual image of what losing weight can do for someone. 
  • You place the focus on what their struggle is instead of on the product.

Product: Weight loss shake

Post Says:

“Lose 30 pounds in 10 days with an amazing breakfast shake. Share with your friends and drop me a comment.”

Why is this bad? 

  • You have attached “weight loss” with a product. 
  • This is perceived as spam.
  • “Share” and “drop me a comment” are considered engagement baiting.


Use CAUTION with Engagement Baiting!

Engagement baiting is yet another metric that tells Facebook to ding your post. When you try to persuade people to interact, Facebook is going to demote your post and send it out to neverland. Engagement baiting is a strategy that is used to gain false engagement to boost your post. 


Samples of engagement baiting:

  • Asking users to “like,” “share,” “comment,” or “tag.”
  • Asking users to “comment.”
  • Asking users to drop emojis


I have discovered a HACK on how to get around this!

We all know that our business depends on others sharing, commenting, liking, etc. when we post something. I discovered that you could send posts out to a specific target audience by creating a group. 


I set up separate groups, so I have the option of loving (my version of engagement baiting) all over them as much as I want to.


You can set up two groups for your posts; one for customers and one for prospects. For example, I am on Facebook, and I see “Nicole” is on Facebook. I can have her set up as a prospect. When I want to post something about building my business or joining my team, I simply share it with “prospects.” Facebook won’t ding my post because I have targeted who my audience is. 


If your business is going to be having a sale, you can share your content (in a non-spammy way) with people in a group you have created. 


Make your POSTS POP with Color!


To make your post POP and catch the reader’s attention, use colorful background in your post. It causes people to pause and stop scrolling right on by your post. Changing fonts also adds a catchy look (see a sample of one of my posts below.)


A great program to use for dressing up your Facebook posts is Canva. Canva is a very simple program/app that you can use to add backgrounds, different fonts, etc. that are geared for social media posts.


Let’s Embrace Facebook’s Algorithm and Move Forward with It!


For us to be successful, we must be willing to keep up with what’s trending. Unfortunately, trends involve change and adapting. 


Have an awesome week, everyone!


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