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What’s Your Grade?


Happy Monday Mindset! 


I had the amazing opportunity to attend Rank Makers training in Orlando. If you haven’t attended one of these trainings, I HIGHLY recommend it! Now I am not affiliated with Rank Makers, but I can honestly tell you that I walked away with valuable insight and tools that will help me and benefit my business.


While there, one of the guest speakers posed the question, “When your kids are in school, what grades do you expect?” 


So, my thought was, of course, I want my kids to do their best. I expect them to always put forth their best effort and never give up. Those are common expectations from a parent, right?

Again, the guest speaker asked everyone, “What grade are you giving to yourself right now for your business? Would you want your kids to see what you are doing in your network marketing business?



It was like a bolt of lightning struck me! We tell our kids to do their best, yet we may not be doing the same. Do we put our best effort into showing up daily and providing value in our business? Do we accept failure in our business as a learning experience or something to walk away from? 


I am so proud of my kids because they may not have perfect grades, but they show up to class and do their best. 


So, let me ask you this. “Are you doing your very best? What grade would you give to yourself for your business?” 


These questions caused me to evaluate myself and how much I show up day today. I realized I’m not doing enough. If I were to give myself a grade, I would say at times I am an “A,” but over the past few months, I earned a “B-.” Between my kitchen flooding, getting a new puppy, and spending summer with my kids, I have not shown up as much as I should have. 


We can’t treat our business as a hobby.


Folks, we have to get real with ourselves and reflect on whether or not we are giving it our best with our business. If you had to study for a test to get a grade for your business, would you study hard or brush it off? Showing up daily is similar to studying for that test. To get an “A,” you have to put effort into earning that grade. You certainly can’t expect people to buy your product or join your team if you are failing in effort.


I don’t know about you, but if it weren’t for my daily goal worksheet, my business would not flourish daily. When I let my foot upon the gas pedal every so often, that worksheet gently reminds me to apply the gas again and keep going. When using the worksheet, I definitely give myself an “A” for effort. However, when I don’t, you can probably imagine my grades falling and falling and falling. If you would like to try my daily goal worksheet, let me know, and I will send it your way.


Listen, you keep pushing forward and be real with yourself in giving you and your business a grade. Life happens, and sometimes we can’t always put 100% of ourselves into showing up daily, and that’s ok. 

I am all about recommitting myself and my effort to getting my grade back up there. Are you?


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Posted by Julie Reynolds on Monday, October 14, 2019





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